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Black Lives Matter to God!

“I am black, but comely...” Song of Solomon 1:5  Historically, this statement is to be taken literally:  this beautiful love poem is between a Jewish king and his dark-skinned wife.   Where Solomon’s Bride is from is not given – we are simply told that she was a Shulamite (Song 6:13)   This designation along with the color of her skin would indicate that she was not Jewish, but a Gentile. This typology fits in well with Jesus and the Church.  Although there are many saved Jews in Christ’s church, the vast majority are Gentiles.  Throughout the Old Testament many  notable Jewish...

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Dove's Eyes

“...thou hast doves’ eyes.”  Song 1:15  The Bride says that her King has “doves’ eyes.”  Although one may think this sounds unmanly or effeminate, a close scrutiny of what the eyes of a dove actually look like will prove otherwise.  There are five outstanding characteristics of the eyes of a dove: 1)      Fierceness – most birds’ eyes are anything but soft and tender.  Doves have very piercing eyes that show alertness and power. 2)      Health – those who handle birds can immediately tell the health of a bird by its eyes. 3)      Character – those who handle birds on a...

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Thrice Fair

“Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair...Behold, thou art fair...”  (Song 1:15-16) As the Bride continues to praise her King, she does a most curious thing in verses 15 & 16.   She addresses the one she loves with the statement, “thou art fair,” and she does so three times.   Why? One of the great mistakes common to the poetical books of the scripture is to dismiss oddities like this as mere “poetic beauty.”    The assumption is that poetic scripture has a different set of rules from the rest of the Bible and that not everything written can...

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People Are Like Horses?

“I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots.”  (Song 1:9) By using the word “compared,” there is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us something about the Bride by getting us to look at horses.   Historically, Solomon did much horse trading. He bought thousands of horses from Egypt and had them transported to Israel (I Kings 10:28-29), even though this was contrary to God’s explicit commands for the kings of Israel as found in Deut. 17:15-16.  In this sense, the comparison seems to be one of quality:   when it...

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Veering Off

“...why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions?” (Song 1:7) Jesus only has one TRUE church and flock.   Who are these other flocks?   Five times in scripture Jesus refers to believers in him as “my sheep.”   Clearly there are “other sheep” out there that do not belong to Jesus – see John 10:26-28.   The two main flocks that belong to our Lord and about whom he speaks are Israel and the Church.  Someone is offering the Bride an alternative to Christ and to his rest and she can see through the tempting offer!...

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