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II Kings 23 records one of the greatest revivals in human history – an entire nation turned from sin to God.   Much has been written, spoken and preached about revival over the past decades as the world has become ever more godless.  Perhaps it is time to look at what actually worked. The background is fairly clear.   The southern kingdom of Judah was in its death throes.  The previous king named Manasseh had driven the Jewish people into the bulls eye of God’s judgment with his utter depravity and idolatry.  One would find it hard to imagine that they could...

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The Death of Ingenuity

The arrogance of our day, largely fuelled by an evolutionary world view, demands that we look at humanity in past millennia as inferior to ourselves.   We have our I-pads, Ferraris and ballistic missiles while the savages of yesteryear were drawing on walls in caves and trying to tame fire.   Even a modified version of this comeuppance looks at past centuries with a slight shake of the head at those “poor people” and their struggles with a lack of what we consider to be basic technology. The reality is that man has not been slowing evolving upward – in fact, since...

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When the Mickey Gets Taken Out of You!

Here in New Zealand and in the UK, we often hear about someone getting the mickey taken out of them.  Originally this was a racist term against Irishmen who were stereotyped as hotheads.   Taking the “mickey” (all those surnames beginning with Mc or Mac!) meant to take all of the fight, vigor and self-importance out of someone by mocking them.   Today the phrase endures every time someone is the victim of a prank, joke or outright mockery. In Nehemiah chapter four, the Jews who wanted to rebuild the walls of God’s city were getting the mickey taken out of them!  ...

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Has God Deceived You?

Wow!  Is it possible?   Could we as Christians have it wrong?   Very early in Jesus’ earthly ministry, some of his “fair weather” disciples began to think that this was a distinct possibility.   As our Lord tightened up the pressure a few notches in calling his disciples into  greater commitment, some of them began to bail out.  The free bread was great, but this eating his flesh and drinking his blood thing was a bit too much.   “From that time MANY of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.”   (John 6:66 – ominous reference!) The very first sin...

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Things You Can Not See

There are plenty of scary sights out there, but the real fear that most people have is to be found in the things that they can’t see – things they know that are out there, but things that are still around the corner, in the dark, or worse yet, invisible! For the Christian, this is the essence of living by faith.   As we are told, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  (Heb. 11:1)   These unseen things may constitute judgments we wish to avoid (Heb. 11:7) or hopes we wish to embrace,...

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