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Teach Us To Number - Ebook


Williams’ Exhaustive Concordance of Bible Numbers

How many times does the number 39 appear in Scripture?

You would think this to be a simple question with a simple answer, but for students of the word who need to find the numbers of Scripture, this is not an easy task. There is no way to search for the numerals “39” or even “30” and “9.” So begins the laborious task of searching through all the occurrences of the words “thirty” and “nine.” Try this and you will only come up with red herrings and false positives like 139 and 930. The conclusion would be that the number 39 never appears in the Bible. However, the real answer is that 39 does indeed appear - four times no less!

Teach Us To Number is an exhaustive concordance of all the numbers that appear in the King James Bible. This volume is an invaluable tool for personal Bible study and lesson or sermon preparation. All the occurrences of any given number, fraction or date in Scripture are organized in several, easily searchable formats. Cross-references are easily located. Confidence is to be had in knowing that you have indeed found all of the references for that number. Patterns emerge that will lead you into further discoveries. Sermon and lesson outlines materialize from the natural configurations that the Lord has laid out in the numbers of his word.

Sections Include:

  • Section One - Concordance of Bible Numbers
  • Section Two - Directory of Bible Dates
  • Section Three - Index of Numbered Items
  • Several Appendices: Mathematics in Scripture, Apparent Contradictions & More!

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