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The Song of Songs


A Commentary on the Book of the Song of Solomon

Song of Songs is the title the Holy Spirit assigns to the Song of Solomon in its very first verse. Few can deny the poetic beauty and majesty of the Song of Solomon - but what did the Holy Spirit intend for us to understand in this challenging, but intriguing book?

Song of Songs is a verse by verse commentary for Bible believers. Where many expositions consider the Song of Solomon from only a devotional perspective, Dr. Williams has attempted to uncover the doctrinal teachings of the book, as well as examining its historical setting and practical applications. Where many have succumbed to the temptation to spiritualize this poetic masterpiece, the author has endeavored to follow a literal approach in Bible interpretation and allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves.

Song of Songs will not only help you to understand this portion of Scripture better, but Lord willing it will help you to begin to grasp just how much our Saviour loves us and desires us to walk ever closer with Him.

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