Democratic Party Policy Generator?

After playing with this buzzword generator for a few seconds, a horrible thought comes to mind:  Is this how politicians actually come up with their policies???

Almost 2700 years ago, the Prophet Isaiah lamented that there would be a day when “truth is fallen in the street.” (Isa. 59:14)    Sadly, we have arrived.

Politics, the news media, social media and much of our world in general is no longer interested in speaking or hearing the simple truth.   Rather it is all about impressing people, sounding knowledgeable, getting likes and the promotion of self.  When truth is pushed to the back, we find ourselves in “the refuge of lies.” (Isa. 28:17)   Lies only beget instability, division, emotionalism and more deception.  Words can no longer be trusted and everyone might as well be speaking gibberish – like they are talking off a buzzword generator!

Most will not get off this merry-go-round.   Living a lie may be a miserable existence, but desiring truth at first may be even tougher when it comes with the hefty price tag of  responsibility, persecution and accountability!

When you discover the truth and the fact that those around you are living in deception, you feel the responsibility to help them find the truth.  Reality however is that speaking truth to those living a lie is a lot of work – effort that will be unappreciated, often scorned and mocked, and in many cases blatantly opposed.  Yes, the only sane one in the room will be thought of as the craziest of all!

But truth brings accountability.   Atheists do not want to find out if there is a God for the same reason that bank robbers do not want to find the police – accountability!

God has revealed Himself in the creation all around you – one must be willfully ignorant and embrace a lie to chalk all of that design up to chance or fate or a big bang.  God has revealed His law in your conscience which is why you feel guilt and the animals don’t.  Ultimate truth is found in the pages of God’s special revelation, the Bible.  Jesus said to the Father, “thy word is truth.”  (John 17:17)

Some accuse God of being all mysterious and hard to understand, but these are usually the people who have never actually picked up a Bible and read it for themselves.   When one actually asks God to show them the truth and then begins reading His holy words, they are often blown away to find our just how clear and straightforward it all is!   If they stick with it, they will discover that the promise of Jesus is indeed true:  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”   (John 8:32)

Are you free today or living in the refuge of lies?