Does God Sing To You?

Gospels.  Prophets.   Letters.   History.   God uses many different forms and styles to convey his truth throughout the Bible.  In Song of Solomon 1:1 we are told that in this book he would use the format of a song!

No one can dismiss the importance that music plays in every society and culture on planet Earth – this is no accident! God is the creator of music and Job 38:7 informs us that singing by the angels was already in existence before the earth was created. In fact, God created Lucifer with the ability to produce the sounds of musical instruments from within his being. (Ezek. 28:13)  Our God loves music and by creating us in his image, he has passed on the importance of singing and music to us.

The format of the Song of Solomon is that of musical poetry.   Two major characters, a King and his Bride, speak or sing back and forth to one another.   Other characters come and go, but the bulk of this book is romantic dialogue that shifts back and forth between these two.

According to I Kings 4:32 Solomon wrote 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs.   At least three of his songs have been preserved for us in not only the Song of Solomon, but also in Psalm 72 and 127.   The word “psalm” means praise and all of the 150 psalms have been used over the millennia as both prayers and songs.  Six of the psalms have in their titles, “A psalm or song….” – eg. Psalm 67.

Generally speaking the Lord of heaven communicates to us through his written word and we communicate to him through the medium of prayer. The truth that emerges from the “song books” of Scripture (Psalms, Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Haggai and portions of others) however is that God wants to reveal his truth to us in song – truly God “giveth songs in the night.” (Job 35:10)   Remember as you read a book like the Song of Solomon that David’s son may be the human author, but the Spirit of God is the divine author. Have you ever considered that God is singing to you?