Alone Time

“…the king hath brought me into his chambers…”   Song of Solomon 1:4

The word “chamber” or “chambers” appears 130 times in scripture and the key thought is privacy. The first mention of this word is found in Genesis 43:30 when Joseph made haste to hide in his chamber so he could weep without being seen by his brethren. The word can refer to a closet, a bedroom, one’s private residence or even to vast expanses of the universe and heaven itself.   The usual reference is to a place of intimacy where a husband and his wife could retire to enjoy one another’s company.   Thus we find the application of this verse to ourselves reminding us of the importance of GETTING ALONE with God – the prayer closet where we can have privacy and intimacy of fellowship with God.

This truth can be seen in the manner in which Jesus sought out isolated places in which to pray – Luke 5:16.   Jesus’ teaching on the prayer closet envisioned a believer getting alone in a literal or virtual closet where no one else could interrupt their fellowship with God – Matt. 6:6.   When Michaiah was dealing with the false prophet Zedekiah, Zedekiah was most upset that God had allowed him to be deceived.   His question to Micaiah was, “… which way went the Spirit of the LORD from me to speak unto thee?”   The answer was, “Behold, thou shalt see on that day when thou shalt go into an inner chamber to hide thyself.”   We should daily be visiting the “inner chamber” or prayer closet and meeting with God.   Salvation makes possible private access to Jesus Christ on a level incomprehensible to the world – see Romans 5:2 & Hebrews 4:16.

Time alone with God is refreshing, a blessing and will cause us to be glad and rejoice in Christ! Notice how the Bride specifically says that she will rejoice in thee.” Rejoicing IN Christ is only possible if we have spent time WITH Christ. “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4) Many go through the motions of praise and worship rejoicing about Jesus in the power of their flesh.   Philippians 3:3 drives the needed point home by saying, “…worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.”   Thus our rejoicing is not about making our flesh feel good, but about rejoicing in who God is and in what he has done.