Satan Doesn’t Care About Music After All?

Around the world, one of the greatest divisions between otherwise apparently sound, Bible-believing churches is centered on music and worship styles.  For just a moment, set aside the words and the character of the authors and performers:  can the music by itself be labeled as right or wrong?

A major argument at this point is that music is amoral – that is, it is neutral until words are added.   Isaiah 23:15-16 nails that one on the head as the Bible speaks of harlots having a particular style and melodies of their own as well as singing many songs.   Unbelievers have no problem understanding what this is all about.  Only a believer with a seared conscience and a complete lack of spiritual discernment could miss this one.   Letters are neutral and amoral; but the minute they are organized into words and sentences, they are either good or bad.   Likewise notes are neutral and amoral – until they are organized into melodies and harmonies where they uplift the soul to Christ or pull that soul toward the desires of the flesh.  It is amazing what people will deny in order to justify themselves.

But does Satan care?   Some argue the devil may have an interest in every area of life and society, but not in music.   The Bible believer will be quick to note Ezek. 28:13 identifies the Devil as being created with internal musical capabilities that transcend the voice.   Before the very first bird or man was ever created and sang a song, Lucifer was making music in praise to God – until iniquity was found in him and then his music was utilized for something else…

What does the New International Version of the Bible say about Satan and his music in Ezek. 28:13?    Ah!   Now maybe we know why the CCM crowd doesn’t think the Devil cares about what music you use in church!